Welcome to the webpage of our kennel Branco Piccolo

I have been interested in animals ever since I was little and I have always had at least one pet. Everything started with fish in an aquarium, followed by mice, quinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, birds and parrots, snakes and finally cats and dogs. When I was young I convinced my parrents to buy me fox-terrier, but soon I had to gave him to the gamekeeper's house. Later I had long-haired badger dog Flik. I had him for a very long time. Our next dog was French Bulldog Edison z Karlova Hradu. Later he got 3 friends - Italian Greyhounds, which I have been breeding for another 14 years. We have built a new house to have more space for them. We have imported few Greyhounds and we were succesful in breeding and even on dog shows (especially with Vhilomena El Saghir from the Netherlands, who has twice won the Champion of Champions and became champion of other states). After this vivid breed I wanted something sedate and smaller. I have chosen the Chihuahua. I have bought my first Chihuahua 10 years ago, it was short-haired white girl. Chihuahuas have completely turned my life upside down and I started to breed again. This breed enchanted me with its character and ability to acclimatize in every household. It is perfect for older owners, who have problems with movement. It is also great for hearty people, but they will sometimes have to carry them in a bag. It is also great for breeding and of course dog shows. I like its variability of colors and two kinds of hair. Thanks to this is each puppy surprise.